The future of identity verification

Hyper-i is an SDK for facial and touchless fingerprint biometrics leveraging AI/ML to uniquely identify any person.

About Us

Why Hyper-i?


Hyper-i supports both modes, active and passive liveness detection. However, we recommend using our unique passive liveness detection which comes with multiple security checks.

  • Edge Detection
  • Texture Detection
  • Distance detection
  • Skin tone mapping


  • Enhance security and audit trails
  • Ease of integration within processes
  • Various deployment models
  • Support for users with special needs
  • Microservices based architecture
  • Cloud ready-high availability and scalable
  • Password less experience

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Secure, swift, and smart identity verification at your fingertips.

How Hyper-i Works

Simple integration

Experience the seamless integration of advanced technology and user-friendly design with Hyper-i, ensuring a secure and efficient identity verification process every time.

1. Scan your ID

Snap a picture of your government-issued ID or authenticate via the National database, with OCR technology.

2. Face/Fingerprint capture

The Hyper-i app shows a step-by-step process for accurate capture of face or fingerprint images.

3. Security checks

Hyper-i conducts liveness and fraud checks ensuring user authenticity and system security.

4. Authenticate

Quick display or return of verification results, providing instant feedback and system efficiency.


All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Sensitive information is hashed to protect user privacy.

Diverse Applications for Modern Needs

Use cases

Hyper-i is versatile and adaptable, fitting into a variety of use cases


Transform your customer onboarding experience into a seamless, digital-first journey.

Remote KYC (know your customer)

Conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) checks remotely with confidence and ease.

Sign on/dual factor authentication

Reinforce your security protocols with robust, biometric-based authentication.

Efficient attendance systems

Modernize your attendance system with quick, highly accurate face/fingerprint recognition technology.

Advanced POI detection/security

Enhance your security systems effectively with real-time Person of Interest detection.

Priority customer recognition

Elevate customer service by recognizing and prioritizing key customers instantly.

Propel your business to new heights

Discover the impact of tailored solutions on your operations.