High-precision speech recognition

Aurico is an AI powered speech to text software that generates audio/video transcriptions with 97% accuracy at a high speed.

State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition

Effortless Voice-to-Text Conversion

Converting a voice file or recording into a text document is now more efficient than ever before. Aurico stands out in its field by offering an uncomplicated, user-friendly solution for all your transcription needs. With our advanced AI-driven technology, every word is captured with remarkable accuracy, ensuring your transcriptions are not only quick but also precise

Your Audio, Transcribed Your Way

Join the multitude of satisfied users who’ve streamlined their transcription process.

How Aurico Works

Simple process

With Aurico speech to text AI software, you can transcribe your speech in just a couple of steps:

Upload your audio/video file

Choose any of the acceptable voice formats or drag and drop your audio or video file into the Aurico dashboard.

Transcribe your audio/video

The transcription will start automatically as soon as the file is uploaded. Aurico will convert your file to text in no time.

Download your text file

Once transcription is complete, you have the option to download your text in either PDF or DOCX format, ready for use.

Diverse Applications for Modern Needs

Use cases

Aurico for versatile applications across multiple industries


Aurico enhances banking services by transcribing customer calls and meetings.


Aurico’s transcription capabilities aid in analyzing customer interactions.


Aurico proves invaluable in education by transcribing lectures and seminars.


Aurico assists professionals for patient care and medical documentation.

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