Broadcast video analytics

Argus is an IPTV monitoring solution that analyzes video stream from End-User perspective, measuring subscriber experience in near real-time and providing detailed dashboard for actionable insights.

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Artificial Intelligence Enabled Monitoring

Argus can open simultaneous IPTV streams and analyze each video frame by frame to assess degree of distortion removing the need for comparison with headend stream which is the traditional solution shown below

Enabled Monitoring

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Intelligent Streaming Insights, Superior Viewing Experience


With Argus, expect nothing less than clarity, quality, and unparalleled insights into your video streams.

Identifies Streaming

Identifies streaming issues

Argus identifies common streaming issues such as interlacing, blockiness, noise, block loss, framing, blur, and blackouts—ensuring a premium viewing experience.

Real Time Frame

Real-time frame analysis

Analyze each frame of the stream in Realtime. Argus opens simultaneous IPTV streams, analyzing each video frame in real-time for distortions.

Live Video Stream

Live video stream quality reports

Processing video stream to measure key parameters such as; zap-time, buffer time and codec information

Hardware Specs

*Hardware is ONLY required to convert HDMI or SDI inputs to IP

  • Argus software processes IP video stream
  • IP media protocols including SRT, RTMP, RTSP, UDP, HTTP, HLS
  • Redundant power and cooling fans
  • Flexible plug-in slots
  • Picture-in-picture video cropping and extraction
  • Web UI and remote management

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